ArtNet Tool AN8S Artnet To DMX ArtNet to SPI Pixel LED Controller AN8S-V8

ArtNet to SPI / DMX Lighting Controller, Art-Net /DMX Console /SD Card Input, SPI /DMX output, Support Madrix / Madmapper / Resolume software etc.

  • Model : AN8S-V8
  • Input :Art-Net /DMX Console /SD Card(8G)
  • Output :8 Ports
  • Universe :1U~6U(Max 1020 Pixels) /1 Port
  • Protocol :DMX / SPI / TTL
  • Control mode :Cascade-controller

The AN8S controller is a controller with LCD digital interface display, which converts Art-Net signals into various pixel lamp chip signals. It adopts standard Ethernet transmission and additionally accepts DMX512 signal control. Eight output ports, can control a variety of LED driver chips, support automatic addressing function, convenient for users to access different types of lamps, and realize unified control of different lamps. The input network port can be directly connected to the computer network card, and can also be connected to the computer network card through a switch or photoelectric converter. It is widely used in buildings, municipal lighting, stage scenery, entertainment venue decoration, etc.; it can achieve various running changes such as horse racing, running water, tailing, color painting, scanning, raindrops, etc. It has the advantages of convenient wiring and simple use.

AN8S led controller can be used as a single unit; multiple units can also be used in cascade [ Max 128PCS AN8S controllers cascade control by 1U (170 pixels) per 1 port ].

The AN8S controller is equipped with professional parameter setting software, supports the recording and export of Madrix lighting software programs, and generates *.BIN files and stores them on the SD card; when using Madrix online, Artnet interface data playback is preferred, and it can be played directly when offline Pattern file on SD card.

AN8S controller and LED lights wiring connection standard

AN8S controller and LED lights wiring connection standard

AN8S controller function
1. AN8S controller can support recording MADRIX effects.
2. AN8S controller supports online update of SD card program.
3. AN8S controller supports DMX512 to write LED lights address code online.
4. AN8S controller supports MADRIX online playback, SD card program is played when offline, and multiple devices are synchronized.

AN8S direct connection mode

AN8S Artnet controller direct connection mode

AN8S Controller cascade mode

AN8S ArtNet Madrix Pixel Controller cascade mode

AN8S controller setting software Artnet Tool interface

The Artnet Tool software can directly record the program in the MADRIX software for the AN8S controller and save these effects to the SD card. And it can be recorded and erased repeatedly to achieve the most ideal lighting effect.

AN8S controller found by Madrix software device management

  • Functions and features
AN8S ArtNet Madrix Pixel Controller
AN8S Artnet Madrix Pixel controller
AN8S Artnet Madrix Pixel controller record

the software: Madrix Download the madrix 5.0 Madrix 5 software here please.(software free , but need our key to open it after installing take noted for installling madrix. Please uninstall other previous versions of Madrix 5.0.       Install the main program first. After copying the patch file to the desktop program, right-click to open the software as an administrator. After opening the software, do not choose to upgrade, otherwise the software will not be opened. If you can’t open it after upgrading, you need to uninstall and reinstall it completely. Or you can uncheck the upgrade check box in the software settings.     

ArtNet Tool AN8S Artnet To DMX ArtNet to SPI Pixel LED Controller AN8S-V8
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