Madrix dongle crack box


MADRIX is a professional lighting control software, maybe is the best and greatest LED lighting control software in the world!

Our Lan512 cracked box can change your DEMO Madrix software to the ultimate version, which saves your cost 4000EUR.

Madrix price

MADRIX Price (from )

The ultimate version software costs 4000EUR (not including the hardware)!

Its DEMO version is free but with many limitations, which can not be used in lighting project at all.


DEMO version limitation:
All 3 live Previews will display “! NO MADRIX KEY !” ,
Data output will be stopped after each minute for a short period,
The middle Preview goes black each minute for a short period.

have dongle

If you have our LAN512 box, Madrix software then can change to 4000EUD ultimate version,
You will have 256 Universes DMX512 (131072Channels) and 1310720 DVI outputs, no limitations at all.
Our LAN512 box connected to Madrix, like below, Madrix will have 256 Universes and 1310720 DVI outputs
LAN512 have 512 channels hardware output and have DMX512<->ArtNet Function
How to crack, can email to us
Our LAN512 box in LAN and link to Madrix

What our LAN512 Box can do ?

1: When LAN512 Box link in Hub or Route or any LAN, can let your Demo Madrix software change to ultimate version. yes, now Madrix software is change to 4000EUR ulimate version, can have 256 DMX Universes (131072 Channels) output, and have 1310720 pixels DVI output. and not like Demo version have any time close output limited.
LAN512 Box like a 4000EUR MADRIX USB ultimate KEY, only interface is LAN not USB.

2: Have 1 Universe 512 channels ArtNet hardware output. can link your DMX512 lighting to control, can link 170pcs RGB LED fixture. When you want more then 512 channels, can buy more one our Artnet box or any other Artnet Device to add hardware output.

3: Have ArtNet->DMX512 or DMX512->ArtNet mode, in same time only use one mode. our LAN512 Setup software can change in/out mode.
DMX->Lan(DMX In mode) can let your external consoler control Madrix or link any 3D software like Wysiwyg, we free supply Wysiwyg R32 Cracked.

Madrix dongle crack box
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