Standalone DMX SPI Controller 12 Ports Outputs

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SD-6612 is a standalone SD card programmable DMX-SPI controller. Max 12 ports outputs. You can use our software to program the effects or can shot screen the Madrix playing effects, then save the shot-screen effects in SD card, and insert in controller, it will play the Madrix effects. It can play the SD card self sync, also with other controllers in sync, or be DMX512 signal triggered (like DMX panel, DMX console, Audio-DMX box for music sync).

  1. Input volt: 90~240VAC
  2. Output signal: DMX512, SPI, TTL. For SPI chips type like UCS , TM, WS…series IC chips.
  3. Total 12 ports output, 1024 pixles per port, 12×1024 pixels, max 12288 pixels.
  4. Can self play built-in effects at standalone mode. 
  5. Can cascade connect multiple controllers to play SD effects.
  6. Can be controlled by DMX512 signal like DMX panel, DMX console, or by our Audio-DMX box to realize music sync.
Standalone DMX SPI Controller 12 Ports Outputs
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