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Probably the smallest ArtNet interface in the world!

  • WLAN ArtNet DMX Interface
  • ArtNet Node with 512 DMX channels
  • Stand alone HotSpot Mode
  • Router Mode Sign in to existing Wi-Fi
  • Web Configuration (no driver installation)
  • Software: FreeStyler / DMXControl / PC Dimmer / QLC + / StageLight App
  • Signal LEDs in XLR connector (WLAN / ArtNet / Mode / Power)
  • Powered by the supplied USB Power Adapter


allows a very simple control of DMX-enabled devices via Laptop / Mobile / Tablet over WIFI.

The AIR2DMX PRO WLAN Interface is a Compact WLAN USB interface to control DMX-enabled lighting and effects.
The AIR2DMX WLAN ArtNet Node converts ArtNet signals into DMX signals.
It does not require a transmitter module or DMX interface.
The laptop / cellphone / tablet or a wireless router is used as the transmitter.

– 512 DMX channels without any restrictions
– IEEE 802.11g (WLAN / 54 Mbps) 2.4 GHz)
– Internal Scan Memory (Via WEB Interface Memory / Retrievable)
– HotSpot / Ad-hoc Mode
– Signal LEDs for WIFI / ArtNet / Power / Signal
– Power supply via USB.

Support operating systems
Operating System Independent (ArtNet protocol)

Q Light Controller / QLC
Jinx! LED Matrix Control
Light Remote *
Artnet DMX Controller *
Run The Show DMX *

  1. Art-Net Controller (Android)
  2. ArtNetDmxRemote (iOS)
  3. Aurora DMX (Android)
  4. DMX Controller / OSRAM(iOS / Android)
  5. LED Remote / Arzani (iOS / Android)
  6. ArtNetRemote / light factory (iOS / Android)
  7. Freestyler (Windows)
  8. Jinx! LED Matrix Control (Windows)
  9. Lightning Pad / Alcorn Mc Bride Inc. (iOS /Android)
  10. LED Lab (iOS)
  11. Photon (iPAD)
  12. Vibrio (iOS)
  13. Lighting Pad (IOS)
  14. Luminair 3 (iOS)
  15. RunTheShow(iOS /Android)
  16. QLC+ (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  17. Run The Show (iOS)
  18. LightKey (iOS)
  19. Touch OSC (iOS)
  20. Light Rider(iOS /Android)

or any other software with ArtNet output
* Paid Apps

WiFi WLAN Wireless DMX Interface ArtNet Node DMX Controller Android iOS APP Control
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