12V SM16703P WS2811 20mm Wide Pixel IC RGB LED Strip 120LEDS/m

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12V SM16703 WS2811 20mm Pixel IC RGB LED Strip 120LEDS/m

IC:SM16703 or WS2811 optional

Led quantity:120leds/meter, Pixels quantity: 40 pixels/meter

Led type:5050 led bead, top bright item

Effections:kinds of light effection by controller

Working Voltage:12V

Viewing angle: 120 °;

Color: color, can be adjusted;

Power: 27W / m;

Differences of waterproof levels:

IP20:No waterproofing

IP65:Protection from sprayed water

IP67:Protection from water projected from a nozzle

IP68:Protection against complete, continuous submersion in water.

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